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Definition: Aesthetics (also spelled esthetics) is a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, art, and taste, and with the creation and appreciation of beauty. It is more scientifically defined as the study of sensory or sensori-emotional values, sometimes called judgments of sentiment and taste.

The Aesthetic of Music is highly dependent upon the ability to reproduce music, musical instruments and voices in a manner that is clear, authentic and pleasing to the human ear. To accomplish this, Celestial Event uses the incredible Bose L1 Amplifiers and L1 Speakers with Bose and Denon Controllers and Mixers as the heart of their mobile audio system. Combined with quality accessories like  Sure, Neumann, and SKB , we offer one of the highest quality mobile audio equipment systems available today.

The Aesthetic of Light and Color can positively enhance the ambiance of your venue décor and dance floor. We believe you should decide how much lighting, if any. Of course, we provide you all the information necessary for you to make an informed decision.

Four points to consider.
1. The time of day and the amount of natural sunlight your venue space will have.
2. The décor and style of the room.
3. The existing lighting in the venue.
4. How you personally feel about lighting the dance floor and/or up lighting the ceiling and walls.

Lighting Options
your grand entrance, first dance and other special moments with a theatrical follow spot that encircles a subject in light. Better photographers love the light, shadows and auras a spotlight can create for them as they can make for some incredible images.

Dance Floor color washing with halogen lamps and slowly changing colors created with precision tinted lenses. Unlike harsh, glaring LED lights or old school PAR can flood lamps, these halogen lamps create warmer and softer pastels and are easier on the eyes.

“Midnight Sky” A Celestial Event Exclusive. Custom up lights project a canopy of stars and dark blue clouds over the dance floor.

Up Lighting can transform the plainest venue or tent into a colorful, festive and welcoming space.

Smart Lights or musically triggered effect lights, used sparingly, they can help create a mood and generate energy. Our favorite is the sought after Martin Acrobat. While no longer in production, the Acrobat remains an industry favorite and for good reasons, it is tasteful, bright without being harsh and the brilliant colors are created with precision tinted lenses, not harsh LED’s.

The Aesthetic of Imagery, via video media, is a popular option as many couples want to share photos and video with their guests. Images from an engagement photo session, images of the Bride and Groom together over the months or years or even images of the Bride and Groom’s childhood with their family and friends are all wonderful ways to personalize your wedding day. Celestial Event provides several video options from a 9 foot rear projection video screen to a 21 inch picture framed flat screen display for placement on your guest book table.

Custom Gobos can be made to personalize your event with a monogram or other image projected onto a wall, dance floor or ceiling.

For complete wedding planning or Wedding Day coordination, contact Katja at or visit her web site at

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